About Vegan Tailoring

Vegan Tailoring offer men’s, made-to-order, two-piece, vegan suits available in stock sizes for clients around the world. Our bamboo suits have a beautifully soft, luxurious feel and are a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. Our eco cloth suits are made from 100% used PET bottles and the fabric has one of the lowest carbon footprints globally. We also offer standalone garments, including jackets, trousers and waistcoats in bamboo and our eco cloth
We want to create a welcoming space for you to find an elegant, stylish suit that is the ultimate complement to your vegan lifestyle. 
We have been crafting vegan suits for our vegan clients in the UK for the past five years and have seen an increasing demand, as people adopt a plant-based way of life.
All of our suits are made from scratch, so we don't hold stock, which means that we cut down on the waste caused by so-called 'fast fashion.'
Through Vegan Tailoring, King & Allen hope to embrace the future of fashion, offering cruelty-free, vegan suits that allow you to express your beliefs, all while wearing a luxurious garment that makes you look and feel great. 

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