For many people, being vegan isn't merely choosing to not eat animal products, it affects every aspect of their lifestyle, from the products they choose to use, to the clothes they wear. This means that buying clothes can often be a difficult task.

When it comes to buying suits, there is so much to consider, from choosing a cruelty-free cloth, to the less-well-known elements, such as the horsehair canvas and horn buttons. So we decided to outline what makes a suit not-vegan and what makes our suits 100% vegan. Read on to find out more. 


What makes a non-vegan suit?


What makes a suit vegan?


There are a number of choices available for vegan-friendly fabrics. Here are a few of our favourites... 

Cotton and Linen

For summer suits, cotton or linen are an excellent choice as they are highly breathable and lightweight. However, they do have a tendency to crease.


For those wishing to make more of a statement, many velvets are free of animal products. A fantastic choice for evening and formalwear. 


For a statement sports jacket, then corduroy is your number one choice. It's made from 100% cotton and the name comes from the French 'corde du roi' meaning 'cord of the King.' Very regal! 


This is a firm favourite of ours at vegan tailoring. Beautifully soft and the most like wool, bamboo is a great alternative to wool. 


Whilst many suits today are made with animal-friendly fabrics, some still use silk blends, so make sure that you check the content of your suit's lining.

Our vegan lining options are all made from viscose and cupro, which are truly excellent. Lightweight and breathable, they will ensure that you feel comfortable in your suit, even in the heat. Cupro is particularly comfortable to wear, being durable and anti-static with a silky touch. It is made from cotton fiber, which has been altered to create it's unique properties.



One thing that you may not have realised is that not all buttons are vegan. In fact, many suits are made with horn buttons, which are carved from animal horns. Some suits also use mother of pearl buttons, which are made from shells. Neither are appropriate options for vegans.

Our favourite buttons are made from animal-friendly Corozo, a product made from the shell of a tree nut. They have a beautiful natural grain and are extremely porous, meaning that they take colour very well.


The Melton

To avoid using animal products, all of the meltons on our bamboo suits are made from the same cloth as the jacket. This gives as much structure to the collar as a wool melton.

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