What is Fast Fashion?

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion refers to the rapid movement of the fashion industry. From design inception to production, to the buying habits of customers to the rate at which the garments end up on landfill. Brand-new styles at very low prices are the hallmarks of fast fashion, with the piece of clothing usually only being worn a handful of times before ending up as waste. If the fast fashion industry continues to dominate, it’s been estimated that ‘by 2030, 102 million tonnes of fashion and shoes will be produced per year.’ All of this makes the fashion industry one of the most polluting industries in the world. 

Fast fashion came about after the industrial revolution. Prior to that, garment production was often done by individuals themselves. With the advent of new technologies, this production process became faster and more accessible. The online shopping boom of the last couple of decades has only increased this trend, with fast fashion more available than ever. But these cheap garments come with a hidden cost. The Rana Plaza collapse in 2013 killed over 1000 garment workers and showed the world the price of fast fashion.

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion. It seeks to create garments that do not pander to current trends, that are built to last and that are of premium quality. At Vegan Tailoring, all of our garments are made-to-order, meaning that we do not hold stock that ends up being discarded. We encourage our customers to think about their purchase, to make sure that they’ve made the right choice and are always on standby to answer any questions they might have. Our suits are made from vegan materials and we are always seeking new ways to increase our sustainability, through partnerships with charities such as The Word Forest. We hope that you’ll use your suit for many years to come but if you decide that you no longer need it, you can return it to us and we can donate it to local charities that we work with. 


At Vegan Tailoring, we are constantly innovating and seeking new ways to combat fast fashion, through our unique range of suits. If you’d be interested in purchasing a suit with us and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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