Not all suits are created vegan. You may be aware that the cloth you choose for your suit may not be vegan, as most use wool from sheep and silk from silkworms for the lining. However, there are many other elements to a suit that make it not suitable for vegans, or those who don’t want to utilise animal products in their tailoring. One of these elements are the buttons…


Why aren’t buttons vegan?

Traditionally, suits have been made from horn or mother-of-pearl. Horn buttons are made from animal horn, most commonly deer, cattle and sheep and have a long history of being used in clothing. Many in the tailoring and fashion industry still consider them to be the best choice for a suit, due to the individual form and pattern of each individual button, meaning that each one is completely unique. This is seen as a particular selling-point, giving an eye-catching detail to the suit or piece of clothing. 

Likewise, mother-of-pearl buttons have been a popular option, thanks to their opalescent sheen, which draws the eye and adds interest to clothing. They are made from the inner layer of the shell of the pearl oyster and, like horn buttons, are not an option for those looking for a suit free from animal products.

What are the alternatives?

In recent years, an accepted alternative to horn and mother-of-pearl buttons has been the use of plastic buttons. However, these are often mass-produced and lack the unique quality of horn and mother-of-pearl buttons. Not to mention the detrimental impact that plastic products are having on our environment.

That’s why we, at Vegan Tailoring, provide Corozo buttons with each of our suits…


What are Corozo Buttons?

Also known as Tagua or ‘vegetable ivory,’ Corozo buttons are made from the nut of the Tagua Palm Tree, which grows in the verdant, fertile landscapes of the South American rainforests.

The nuts ripen and fall to the ground, where they are then harvested and dried out for up to two years. This gives them their strong, tough structure and the nickname ‘vegetable ivory.’ The nuts are carved into the shape of the button and the polishing reveals the individual grain, making each button as unique as a fingerprint.

These exquisite, intricately-carved buttons offer a viable, cruelty-free alternative to horn or mother-of-pearl buttons for a vegan wedding suit or vegan business suit. A beautiful style detail with an interesting, engaging story and a definite talking point for your bamboo suit! 

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