How to care for your vegan suit

How to care for your vegan suit

Caring for your vegan suit is very similar to taking care of any other suit. Your suit is an investment and we take great pride in making sure our clients get the best value and longevity out of their made-to-order suits. The endurance depends on how you wear and look after your suit. If you follow the general guidelines below we would hope you enjoy your suit for years to come.

  • Rotate. Try not to wear your suit more than once a week. If you wear suits five days of the week you really should have five or more suits in your wardrobe. This will allow your suit time to breathe. 
  • When wearing your suit avoid using the pockets – especially with bulky items. This can stretch and warp the fabric, which can spoil the overall appearance of the suit. 
  • Hang your jacket up on a solid wooden hanger at the office.
  • When driving, always remove your jacket and hang it on a hanger in the back, or lay it flat on the parcel shelf. Do not hang it on a peg, lay it on the seat or fold it. Furthermore, seat belts can wear a shiny band across the top of your suit if worn when driving.
  • Your suit should not disappear into your wardrobe immediately after you take it off. It is better to let it air for a while by an open window or in a bathroom.
  • All fibres need moisture to maintain their elasticity. Your clothes can be steamed easily in any bathroom – this is a great tip for those of you who travel, or if you have an important event coming up. Run hot water in the bathroom until steam forms, and then hang up the suit for a while in the misty atmosphere you have created. This gets rid of most wrinkles and helps remove unpleasant odours.
  • We recommend you dry clean your suit no more than 2-3 times a year. The traditionalists at Savile Row will say that it is not necessary – airing and steaming is sufficient.
When using a dry cleaner:

1. Do they have experience with canvassed suits and bamboo (if your suit is made from bamboo)?

2. When they dry clean your suit, it should not go in the drum with other garments as the fibres can be damaged by the friction. 

3. Do they have a service where they will sponge and spot clean your suit rather than dry cleaning the entire garment?

    If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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